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Web application development allows your business to interact with customers in a completely new way. At present, many industries across the world use web based technologies, to the satisfaction of customers who appreciate the efficiency of service.


Our teams work as an extension of our customers’ team, thus making our own success dependent on the customers’ success.That is why our product development teams stay with our customers longer& ready to take care or their product.


Search Engine Optimization is the important factor improve the website visitors as well as the sales and business to the company.Because It only help to improve the lead generation process and improve the company level as high.


Look at your business from a fresh perspective.Stimulate productivity and streamline your business processes.Respond faster to customer initiatives and market changes.Achieve operational excellence from raw materials to final product and shipping.


The web is a textual medium. Spend your time designing what readers really care about. Beautiful, readable content.It will make your website with frend of all devices.


At CASTS,we Provide professional website development services,and these website are scalable,as well as our web website developers focus on and have experience in creating business websites.As the best website company,We create stunning ui deisngs.


We provide software and website maintenance with new techniques.Your belif open the door of success for us.


We allway follow "The best way to find ourself is to lose ourself in the service of our customers."For any types of query contact us we are 24/7 with you. 0674-2354234

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FicusSoft is a specialized technology services firm headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley.


Marubeni is a $50 Billion/year trading house involved in investment and operation of refineries and factories all across the world.


AXN is an information brokerage and expert connection service that offers access to a proprietary network of over 500 subject matter experts in African markets.


Sarjana firms benefit their customers by providing expertise with in the umbrella of services, sectors such as Event Management, Staffing Solutions, Corporate Training,Creative Designing & Digital Branding.


The Connected Marketer™ is a new marketing approach developed by mCordis. It recognizes that the effectiveness of traditional marketing approaches is waning in the age of the connected individual.


Talent, leadership, vision. Analogix has cultivated qualities like these from the start. We pride ourselves on a corporate culture that nurtures creativity, innovation, and dedication to customers.


We also provide institution training to groups.We offer powerful job training for employees to your significant advantage as an organization and service or product provider.


Aum Valley School was established in Titilagarh in 2004 to adventure the challenges of life and prepare for life focusing on the needs of 21st century.


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At CASTS, we make professional websites your way and use our vast website design and development experience to make them work the way you want. These days most people like to be able to edit their own website. so, we can offer simple and popular content management solutions. CASTS offers a wide range of web design services, which are easy to use, maintain and scale up. Our best website developers at CASTS use a lot of add on modules that are effectively used for the installation and use by the clients. Our unparalleled focus on your industry, your products and services, and your business style makes us stand out from other web design companies.

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To proactively evaluate advances in the Information Technology industry and apply them to business needs, thereby helping our clients continuously attain their business objectives.To retain the young and talented engineers in Odisha as well as India by virtue of which we reflect as leader in global software market.One of our most complicated skill is to be simple and we believe that “Any weapon is a good weapon as long as we can use it with honor”. This means we extract the strength of our employees and concentrating on it to be developed.Some believe in the power of money. Some believe in the power of experience. We believe in the power of skilled people. So our main strength is the dedication, commitment, innovation and passions of our young engineers which gradually us up to the front.

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